Friday, 21 August 2015

Toy soldiers - to arms!

From the chaos of the painting table...

 at last the combatants are beginning to take the field in preparation for the big game.  And the honour of first in the field goes to the Prince of Orange and his GHQ Staff.

The Prince takes a view of the field from Quatre Bras...

Some Napoleonic Bee's were taking a close look...behind you!

From the recent re-enactment at Waterloo, it looks close enough to the 'original'...

Eric Edelman in the role of the Prince of Orange at the recent Waterloo 200 re-enactment - photo c/o

and the ground is certainly going to hide a few surprise - perhaps the battlefield in central London is not too different to the fields of Waterloo?

Photo from the Daily Telegraph 'Waterloo 200' report.

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